DIY Appliance Repair – At-Home Appliance Service & Oven Repair Do’s and Don’ts

If your electric oven isn’t heating up properly or the range burner won’t turn on then there’s a good chance that there is a problem with the element. DIY oven appliance repair is possible, but you should make sure you understand the job before you start work, and pay attention to these dos and don’ts for safety and convenience:


Test each burner/oven section individually to confirm which ones are broken.

If the whole of the oven is dead, the problem could be a tripped circuit or fuse, try those quick fixes first.

Shut off the electricity before you start work on your appliance.

Watch and re-watch guides and read the documentation before you start work.

Check the warranty dates, you might be able to save yourself a job if your oven is still in warranty.



Try to repair a gas oven. Gas is even more dangerous than electricity.

Use an oven if it is sparking, smoking, or keeps tripping your electrical circuits.

Push on relentlessly if you are confused or unsure what to do.

Use third-party parts if you are not certain they are compatible with your oven.


A lot of electrical repairs are simple. Some burners are discrete units and you can simply unplug a broken one and put a new one in. Replacing an element is usually just a matter of unscrewing the faulty one too.

There are some repairs which are more complex, however. If you are unsure of where to start with a repair, or if you have replaced an element only for it to burn out once again, then you may want to call in an expert appliance repair near me company to have a closer look at your oven for you in case there are other more serious faults which could be causing your oven to trip.

Remember that ovens pull a lot of power to heat those large elements. Don’t take risks with electricity.